• Playground of the Gods. Framed photograph
  • Playground of the Gods. Original photograph

Playground of the Gods

One rainy summer day in Tatra Mountains.


It has always been something about the mountains. Perhaps it is because there are none of them near me where I spend most of my time, maybe because they attract us with their massiveness and glory, or just because they are one of the most beautiful things on Earth.

Nevertheless, being surrounded by the mountains has a powerful effect on something more profound. It’s as if being amidst something greater than ourselves that change our perspective on life and the things that really matter. I feel that I left a piece of my heart there, but that’s a long-distance relationship that I’m okay with. The photograph was taken in Zakopane, Poland.




It is an archival pigment inkjet print on ultra-premium 235 gsm A3 or A2 heavyweight matte fine art photo paper.


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